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Visa Information

Kenya is considered one of Africa's tourism-active countries. Often used as port for nearby countries, the coastal part of Kenya is attraction enough for visitors.

It is recommended that the visitors should consult their nearest Kenyan Embassy for updated information regarding VISA’s.

Here is just an attempt to put forward some basic guidelines especially to the people who are on their very first visit to the Mombasa, or the land of Kenya.

Types of VISAS for Kenya:

Basically the categories for types of VISA's required for Kenya, depending upon the purpose of visit are classified as under:

  1. Ordinary/Singe Entry Visa: It is required by all persons going to enter Kenya for a visit or to reside.
  2. Transit Visa: A transit VISA is required by all person intending to transit trough Kenya for period not beyond a week.
  3. Diplomatic Visa: Issued gratis to holder of a Diplomatic Passport on official business.
  4. Official/Service Visa: Official, Service, Ordinary/Transit Visas are issued gratis to holders of Official or Service passport on official visits
  5. Multiple Journey Visa: All persons who are nationals of countries which require visas for Kenya and who by nature of their business or circumstances require to make frequent visits to Kenya may be issued with Multiple Journey Visa for Kenya within six (6) or twelve (12) months as the case may be. Multiple Journey Visas are referred to the Principal Immigration Office for processing and approval, and are valid for six (6) or twelve (12) months as the case may be.
  6. Courtesy Visas: Courtesy, Transit and Ordinary Visas may be issued gratis in accordance with the Provisions of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Visa Regulations, where the applicant is not entitled to a Diplomatic Visa, but where it is considered by the issuing officer to be desirable on the grounds of international courtesy.

Citizens that do not require a Visa to enter Kenya are those coming from Malaysia (if less than 30 days only), and coming from the following countries/states:

Antigua & Barbuda Tonga Bahamas Trinidad & Tobago
Barbados Tuvalu Belize Uganda
Botswana Gambia Brunei Ghana
Darussalum Grenada Cyprus Papua Nw Guinea
Fiji Islands Samoa Jamaica Seychelles
Kiribati Lesotho Vanuatu Tanzania
Malawi Zambia Zimbabwe Maldives
Ethiopia Uruguay Namibia Mauritius
Swaziland Nauru Singapore Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands St.Lucia Sa.Marino St.Vincent

Health Advisory

  • It is recommended to have immunization against Yellow Fever and Cholera
  • It is advised to have Malaria prevention shots

Visa Processing time

  • Visa applications presented at the counter are ready for collection after 3 working days
  • Postal applications take about 1 week from the date of receipt
  • Referral cases take at least 8 weeks
Visa Requirements
  • A valid passport with at least one available page for endorsement
  • Passport with 3months validity upon entry to Kenya
  • Completely filled Visa application form (V1)
  • 1 recent passport sized photo
  • Travel itinerary
  • A stamped self addressed envelope for postal applications, advisably a special delivery stamp
  • Contact telephone number

Other Requirements:

  1. Other travel documents including Seaman's Discharge Book, acceptable to the Government of Kenya.
  2. An immigration pass or permit is required by all persons, other than Kenya citizens wishing to enter Kenya.
  3. All persons who are entitled to privileges and immunities under the Privileges and Immunities Act (Cap. 179) and who are covered under section 4(3) (a) to (g) of the Immigration Act (Cap. 172) Laws of Kenya are exempted to posses a passport.

NOTE: All Visa Fees are Payable in US Dollars ONLY. For more specific details and information regarding the prohibited inhabitants, the immigration department of Kenya can be accessed.


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